About Maketar Paint Masks

MAKETAR Premium Paint Masks are now available in yellow Kabuki material, the same stuff Tamiya masking tape is made of. Kabuki tape is specially developed for masking purposes, its super thin, uses water based adhesive that will not stain your model or lift your paint! Huge advantage of Kabuki over Vinyl is that it will never shrink and will produce ultra sharp paint edge. Vinyl shrinks just a few days after its cut and makes it impossible to paint most of masking elements as the mask parts will no longer fit together. Yellow Kabuki tape is made exclusively in Japan. Vinyl masks are better solution for very small and intricate cut shapes and are recommended for 1/72 scale mask sets. Mask elements smaller than 10mm will not shrink as fast or as much while elements smaller than 5mm will not shrink at all. By combining the two materils, one for large and one for very small and intricate details we now have a perfect solution for premium paint masks that are very easy to use and will produce stunning finish results!

As we scale modelers know, using paint masks is highly superior to using any kind of decals especially in larger scales.


Yellow Kabuki Mask Sets – Huge packs!



Rivet masks. Rivet size is 0.4mm with 2mm distance


Masks applied to the sliding canopy section of Ju87D


The rest is masked using tamiya masking tape and airbrushed


Final result, nice, neat and even rivets. Done in 5 minutes.


Vector drawing of the cutting pattern – cooling jacket


Cut foil and one finished barrel showing crisp details of the jacket


Medical needle as a barrel and the foil as a cooling jacket


Barrel mounted on Dragon’s browning using CA glue


Main uses of paint masks:

– Canopies
– Markings (Letters, numbers, roundels, badges…)
– Camouflage paint schemes
– Wheels
– Windows on AFVs
– Replacement for some PE parts (Barrel cooling jackets etc)
– Painting rivets
– And many more


Currently, we are not doing custom masks! We will send a newsletter once we are able to do custom orders again. Many thanks for understanding.

If you have any questions or inquiries about our services, ordering process, price estimates or anything else please do not hesitate to contact us

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