Important – Covid-19 – ordering and delivery info

Updated: September 21. 2022.

Delivery to all countries without delays!

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Possible delivery delays to:

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Due to Covid-19, shipping and deliveries are not back to “pre Corona” speed yet. There are still delays. Our experience from the past few months shows random parcel delays but most arrive on time. Please be patient and allow a bit more time than usual for your parcel to arrive.

Post office is currently NOT ACCEPTING parcels for Chile and some other South American Countries, so please avoid ordering if you are not ready to wait until this is resolved.

Delivery to the USA is slower than any other country for some reasons so please allow more time than usual for the parcel to arrive.

Some of you may have noticed that some orders are in the “Processing” stage for an extended period of time, this is again due to the post office not accepting parcels to certain countries. This happens sporadically and without a strict pattern so it is impossible to list countries as “no delivery” on our website as the situation changes almost daily. Once the parcel has been refused by the post office we keep trying to send it every day with other orders, until it’s accepted.

Unfortunately and due to obvious reasons, we CAN NOT guarantee delivery times to any country! We process and send all parcels within 2-3 business days after order receipt, the rest is up to the post office and delivery system in your country.

Be safe and responsible!

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