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How does it work?

It’s very simple actually, all you have to do is to place Maketar Paint Masks banner on your personal modeling blog, into your forum signature or in fact anywhere else you want by embedding HTML code that you will get from us. Now, whenever someone click on Maketar bann
er on your page, forum signature… and makes a purchase in our shop – you got a percentage of sale! So if someone spends GBP 20.00 (cca USD $28.00) a 15% of that amount is credited to your affiliate account or in this case GBP 3.00 (cca USD $4.20)… How cool is that!!! Please remember, we pay you for SUCCESSFUL PURCHASES ONLY and not for banner clicks.

Then, you can request your earnings to be paid out to your PayPal account anytime or you can as well use your affiliate account balance to be used for purchases in Maketar Shop. For example, if your affiliate account balance is GBP 25.00 you can request this amount to be paid to your PayPal account or get GBP 25.00 (or less) worth of masks sets. In case you want masks sets instead of cash payout you dont have to spend the entire amount, instead you can get one mask sets for ie. GBP 10.00 and leave GBP 15.00 on your affiliate account balance. Should you choose to spend your earnings in Maketar SHOP you will have 35% discount on your purchase as well!!!

How do i monitor and track my earnings?
Simple, again! After becoming an affiliate you will get access to your ‘Affiliate Control Panel’ and will be able to track clicks, hits, successful purchases refereed by a banner on your website and of course, your earnings. The entire system is automated and you have all the metrics and data available at all times! Follow THIS LINK to register as an affiliate or to access your ‘Affiliate Control Panel’ if you already registered!

When i can request to be paid out?
Anytime you want to!

How much can i earn?
Well this depends on where you place our banner. For example, if you are very active on some of modeling forums and a lot of people see your posts then they will also see Maketar banner in your signature frequently and thus you will have greater chance that some of the people will click on it and hopefully make a purchase for which you get paid! Also, if you have a personal modeling blog with lots of daily visits and you place Maketar banner on a visible place, you will generate more traffic and of course more chance to generate a purchase for which you get paid.
Some rough estimate would be something like this: You place Maketar banner somewhere and 100 people clicks on it each day, now if we assume that the success or purchase rate would be 1-5% that would mean that you can earn GBP 1.00 to GBP 5.00 a day, time 30 for a month and you have a nice earning by doing nothing! Now image that you can generate 1000 clicks on Maketar banner a day… getting to a couple of 100’s of GBP a month is not that far away.

Alright! How do i start?
1. First, you need to register free affiliate account by following THIS LINK
2. After your account gets approved you will be able to access your ‘Affiliate Control Panel’ – You will get a link in an email after registration
3. Once in your ‘Affiliate Control Panel’ you would go to ‘CREATIVES’ tab (please look at the image 001 below) and choose a banner you would like to use, then copy banner HTML code and paste it in your forum signature, blog sidebar or anywhere else you like!
4. You’re all set! Now just wait for the banner to start generating you money! You will get an email every time you earn a commission.

As you can see from the image below, ‘Affiliate Control Panel’ features tabs for Affiliate URL’s, Statistics (this is where you track your earnings), Graphs, Referrals, Visits, Creatives and Settings.

Image 001 shows ‘Creatives’ tab in ‘Affiliate Control Panel’. You can choose any of the banners offered or as well more of them together. All you need to do is to copy/paste the HTML code located below every banner and place it into forum signature, your blog sidebar, page, post…

IMPORTANT: You CAN use affiliate banners on AS MANY locations as you want! You can use the same banner in multiple areas/places at the same time and by doing this you will increase the traffic and earnings of course!

Should you need any help or custom size banner made to fit your page please get in touch with us and we’ll take care of it asap. Good Luck!


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